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Much fun, will post more later.


"Pardon while I vnc through my VPN into my home media server and start that process." Seriously, not only does that half-assed technical sentence make sense to me, I done did it! There are, of course, a few kinks left to smooth; but the mechanics exist. In life's wisdom the means by which my sites were being served was taken from me. I was frustrated; I had my data but no means to reconnect it, or utilize it. I knew it was going to take a fair amount of stackoverflowing to get my sites back up and running.

Naturally, this wasn't good enough either. If I had to do this all again, with no help, I was going to do it better. "So long, Apache," Nginx was going to be used. CentOS was the initial system, while Raspbian Jessie was the next system to house the websites; I'm now using an Ubuntu server. Ubuntu has both the mindshare and the breadth of capacity to allow my aspirations to imagine without restraint.

I dare not speak to much upon this as I'm still in the learning and development stage; but I'm really excited about all that I've been learning thus far. From iptables to numpy arrays to API's; being able to be portable about one's work optimizes the marginal production of one's life. Experiences, skills and relationships build upon each other, they are not silos. For this reason, while it may take time to traverse the separate arenas, this travel time need not be left unproductive.

There is the idealistic aspiration, that our lives not be silo-ed either. Rather that our work appreciate our whole being, the ever-changing expression of the culmination of our experiences. And so, life can further compound upon it self; and so our lives can further inter-connect and we can remember at every moment - existence in one.

Nature, to an extent, has learned to do this; and to a large extent, it has been the humans who have fucked it all up. The cycle of creation and destruction is natural process. The leaf decays to fertilize the seed, which grows to bare fruit the animals will eat and each in their turn will serve the other in kind. And so it is not so curious to see man now attempting to learn from, and replicate, nature's processes.

I'm going to move on from this topic for now.

Best, Canin

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