Learning ArcGIS w/ USpatial

Yesterday I attended a 5hr training on GIS provided by USpatial which focused on the ArcGIS Web platform. My interest is in using QGIS, which is an open-source platform; though it seemed not unreasonable to attend such a primer. It was definitely worth while!

Many of my questions were not just answered, but I was enabled to elevate my comprehension of the mechanics of GIS software. Databases fuel so much of the research going on these days; but I was unsure about how PostGIS functioned within the scheme; while I am still a bit confused by the graphic accessibility of each layer. Regardless, it all works out of a relational database system: tables, rows and columns. Interplay between tables, translates to interplay between layers. This is how complex analysis of data is carried out.

Below is a copy of a map we created through the training. I've got a few more to go to, though now my thoughts on on voice recognition software! CMU Sphinx Eeks!