A few quick thoughts in reflection

I attended an meeting of young progressives this evening; a community I've been ostracized from for as long as I can remember. They still fear me; and still espouse aspirations beyond their realization. Zeal is good; we are all in transit. We would never grow if we weren't. The fear is eroding.

There is the line between talking too much, knowing both that you are not wanted to be heard, and are simultaneously needed to be heard. There was talk about what do we want? or were we a politician, what would we want to see/do? We still struggle to see a world outside of bureaucratic and administrative paradigms. We still struggle to see freedom unbound from Capitalism.

While I don't want to assail capitalism, it is not a perfect system by any means. Nor would I like to dwell in the delusional world of ideals. Rather, instead, bound by humanity on one-side, morality on the other, the hope of happiness ahead, and fear of folly behind me; I am seeking to keep my eye on the road ahead. Where that is leading I don't know.

In a Circle We Shelter Each Other:

I wonder if we are yet capable of this? Both of the American political parties are in turmoil. Whether it is Rosario Dawson declaring open dialogue with her elders; or Ted Cruz caught between shouts of cowardice only to be haunted by his own reflection. We are experiencing moments of great fluctuation. There is a exception comment made to the following effect:

Are we making gains, or shifting power?

Gains can be taken away, shifted power is not to easily regained; is the allusion to be inferred. But shifting power is no simple task. Minnesota has it's own awkward relationship with these complexities. Minnesota is considered to have excellent welfare benefits and system, comparatively. We could consider these to perhaps be gains. Though because very little power is ever in fact shifted, Minnesota is able to also be in possession of the nation's worst racial disparities by fiscal calculations.

Though before power can be shifted, we must in fact let go of our own desire for power. This is all very easy for me to say, as a misanthrope, power was taken from me whenever mistakenly given. I became bitter, and this perpetuated by powerlessness. Having no power, I fear not it's loss.