New OSes all around!

It's been a long time coming, but here it is! E'rything is runnin' on ol Archie. The two draws were 1) I heard it was "difficult", and 2) all the software is up-to-date by default from the repo. I'd always heard of Arch Linux, often found myself getting answers for other *nix questions on their board. What I've found since has been truly astonishing!

First off, it wasn't incredibly difficult. There are some processes, and you get to set up your own partitions, which is really cool! You can also choose a bootloader, I chose SysLinux, because it's dramatically less source code! There are still a few issues with the way it's booting up on the server, I need to direct the drive using a UUID. I haven't fully investigated the issue to resolution, as the computer is rebooted infrequently enough I figure I have time.

There is a core set of software located in the main repositories. This programs such as Python, Libre Office, and OpenSSH. These packages are at their latest stable versions, and development versions can be obtained as well. But what becomes really cool is accessing The Always Up-to-day Repository (AUR). Here one can either download a tar ball and compile the program your self. Or there has been created many front-ends for pacman, one of which yaourt, also provides AUR support.

AUR contains programs such as PyCharm, and QGIS. The latter being a primary reason I'm happy to have made the switch! QGIS, and other open source academic technologies are often niche softwares, and can have difficulty running on proprietary software. When attempting to install QGIS on a MacBook, version errors occurred. I had installed the package that came with the QGIS install file; but for some reason it wasn't plug-and-play. With Arch it almost can be, with the catch being, you can make adjustments before compiling a program, if you like.

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