And that just feels really good ...

This weekend I'll be rolling down to Chicago to pass off a website that I've built for a client. They started off with a cookie-cutter site provided by Cookie-Cutter Website Co. A valiant level of customization was possible, though there were enough areas of aesthetic, and more importantly, functional, displeasure that finally encouraged them to explore their options. I'd been whispering in my friend's ear for some time, that yes, there are better options available.

Computer aptitude exists on a few levels. On the basis level is being able to print out a document or picture, send an email, or update a social media platform. Beyond this any other computer interaction can become fraught with difficulty at the mistaken click of a mouse. Though the hills have been climbed, and a functional, accessible imitation of their previous website is ready for delivery.

It is has been fantastic to be able to help them work through their issues, and be able to provide solutions, about which they could be enthusiastic. My friend is about to release his book, and he needs a portal through which he can process payments and addresses for shipment. At present he is using Flint, though we are considering our options here as well. I need to get to my other job soon, so I think I will opt to finishing this conversation at another time, and maybe even elsewhere :)