I'm back in the US of A; but already have the travel bug pretty bad again. So my sole focus is finding the next plane ride (which may be as soon as late July). I also got an opportunity to take the Prime Academy Full-Stack Engineering course. Which is an awesome path toward JavaScript literacy! In the interim, I'm helping a friend jump-start their city-council candidacy campaign; and I've found a few other projects to keep my self busy. Though I'm thinking to start a series of posts about the job-hunt.

Welp, here's to keepin' on keepin' on!

Past Posts:

In the Beginning

There was the impetus to be more
-- than what had become.
And Patience, while not negating,
reminded us that we must walk
and never run.

For even though the Sun
seems to be setting,
She too, will rise again.

And so in her absense,
we build an edifice
of which Perseverence can be proud.