I held onto a dream that is only recently seeing the light of day. Statistically I was one of three dozen "Latinos" in my hometown, in 1990. While according to the census data, there is a fifty-percent chance I was designated as a white-Latino. Even after the dust has settled, the outcome is confusing. All I can speak upon is the latest iteration I find myself occupying.

I want to be an entrepreneur; I am being afforded the opportunity to walk down this path.

I have been a writer; I'm finishing up a chapbook to be released this Spring.

I am a musician; though for the time being I focus on getting others into the studio.

I wish I could spend more time in the kitchen.

Past Posts:

In the Beginning

There was the impetus to be more
-- than what had become.
And Patience, while not negating,
reminded us that we must walk
and never run.

For even though the Sun
seems to be setting,
She too, will rise again.

And so in her absense,
we build an edifice
of which Perseverence can be proud.